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About Us

Our staff has 93 years of flag-related experience.

“World’s leading expert in vexillology” – The Observer (London)

Dr. Whitney Smith, PhD.
Whitney Smith, PhD
Executive Director
Carol Salvo.
Carol Salvo
Office and Accounts Manager
Terri Malgieri.
Terri Malgieri
Publications and Artwork Manager

“Call Whitney … he knows everything about everything when it comes to flags” – Annin Flag Company executive

“Our time limits and deadlines have always been respected and requests filled quickly and with the supreme accuracy and attention to detail required” – Research Staff, National Geographic Magazine

Our special resources

The Flag Research Center is uniquely qualified to service flag manufacturers, flag dealers, publishers, government agencies, and many other businesses and institutions. In addition to its dedicated professional staff, the Center has the following resources:

  • sensitivity to customers’ needs for promptness, reliability, and confidentiality
  • a commitment to accuracy, thoroughness, and imaginative solutions
  • multiple language capabilities plus world-wide experience and contacts
  • the largest collection of flag-related documentation in the world
  • familiarity with all types of flags, coats of arms, seals, and logos

Select Flag Research Center Clients

  • Governmental
    Aruba, Bahamas, Bonaire, European Community, Guam, Hydrographic Service (France), International Monetary Fund, Kuwait, Massachusetts, Ministry of Defence (UK), NASA, Parliament (Canada), Public Works Canada, Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Tennessee Valley Authority, Texas, United Nations, US Department of Defense.
  • Corporate
    ABC, Associated Press, Barclays Bank, Boeing, Brockhaus, Cambridge University Press, CBC, CBS, Disney, Donnelley & Sons, Encyclopædia Britannica, Esselte, Field Enterprises, Financial Times, Ford, Franklin Mint, Gulf Oil, Hill & Knowlton, IBM, McGraw-Hill, MGM, Microsoft, NBC, New York Stock Exchange, New York Times, Rand McNally, Reader’s Digest, Texaco, The Economist, Time Life.
  • Other
    Boston College, Boy Scouts of America, British Museum, Harvard University, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, National Flag Foundation, National Geographic Society, New York Public Library, Olympic Games, Rotary International, Smithsonian Institution.

“A service to the flag industry across the world which is second to none” – British Association of Flag Manufacturers Newsletter

  Flag Research Center Flag.

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