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Flag Research Center Flag.
Flag Research Center Flag

Testimonials & Quotes

“Mr. Vexillology”
The New Yorker

"When the world runs something new up the flagpole, scholar Whitney Smith is first to salute."
People Magazine.

“Call Whitney … he knows everything about everything when it comes to flags”
– Annin Flag Company executive

“Our time limits and deadlines have always been respected and requests filled quickly and with the supreme accuracy and attention to detail required”
– Research Staff, National Geographic Magazine

“A service to the flag industry across the world which is second to none”
– British Association of Flag Manufacturers Newsletter

“Founder and chief prophet of vexillology”
– Time Magazine

“We have relied very heavily on the Flag Research Center to keep us abreast of [flag] changes … you have saved us many dollars … by warning us in advance of changes … about to occur”
– President, Dettra Flag Company

“World’s leading expert in vexillology”
The Observer (London)

Quotes from Major Company Magazines.

"Thank you once again for the quick turn around… the wealth of data… allowed us to create flag resumes… under a stringent deadline."
Assistant Editor, Encyclopædia Britannica

“Your professional advice on flag protocol … gave me and the Hong Kong Government much peace of mind” – Executive Producer, Hong Kong Transition to China Program, Carabiner Asia Ltd.

“Your constant input of careful documentation of the colors, proportions, design, etiquette, correct usage and historical anecdotes has impressed all of us”
Program Director, The Franklin Mint

  Flag Research Center Flag.

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