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The world’s premier source of professional information on all aspects of flags.

Whitney Smith — the founder of vexillology, director of the Flag Research Center, and author of 27 flag books and hundreds of flag articles — is an expert in all aspects of flags. Here are some of the products and services.

Flag manufacturers and dealers, governments
and international organizations:

  • Authoritative answers to flag questions and problems
  • Automatic notification of new flags
  • Detailed technical specifications for flag manufacturing
  • Documented solutions for proper flag protocol
  • Vector clip art for national and international flags
  • Resolution of flag-related questions
  • Endorsements of products and services

Book and serial publishers:

  • Writing, editing, reviewing of symbol-related text
  • Flag artwork
  • Answers to problems of political status
  • Critiquing of third-party flag websites and other information sources
  • Searches for specific historical flags
  • Advertising in the largest-circulation flag journal

Technical Specifications for Flags

Full details on Pantone color shades, design details, exact measurements, legal status, and similar facts are crucial for flag makers, publishers, and many others. Dr.Smith has created specifications like the one shown here to document thousands of flags. They may be purchased individually or in the collections Current National Flags and Flags of the U.S. States and Territories. New specifications are sent automatically to subscribers and a specification can be created on demand for any flag a customer needs.

We can answer your questions!

  • What are the exact color shades of this flag?
  • What is the proper etiquette in this situation?
  • What is this flag?
  • Where can I read more?
  • Where can I find more on this subject?
  • What is the best flag to fly in this situation?
  • What is the flag of X ?



Regardless of the option chosen the customer will find courtesy, accuracy, and clarity.

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We do not manufacture or sell flags nor provide flag conservation services or appraisals.

Medieval Flags.
We deal with all flags, ancient and modern.

Individuals, libraries, and vexillological groups:

  • Books and other publications on flag topics
  • E-mail updates on important flag news
  • Assessment of authenticity, age, and value of flags
  • Identification of unknown flags
  • Flag designs for corporations, individuals, associations
  • Presentations at seminars and workshops
  • Aid in building a collection of flag-related publications

Specifications Sheets for the Canal Zone Governor Flag.
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Canal Zone Seal.
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  Flag Research Center Flag.

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