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Flag Code Authority

The US Flag Code, drafted in 1923, not only has unclear and contradictory phrases, it ignores many important modern flag etiquette issues. The Flag Research Center offers detailed, authoritative answers to all your flag protocol problems. We also offer prompt, clear, carefully researched answers to other flag-related queries. Here are two typical responses from among the thousands we have already provided to customers.

Q: I own a summer vacation house on an island in Ontario, Canada. As an American I want to be able to display the US flag, but I don’t want to offend my Canadian neighbors. I have only one flag pole. What can I do?

A: One possibility would be to fly the Canadian national flag at the top of your flag pole with the state flag of your home state (Ohio). If you felt your neighbors wouldn’t mind, on alternate days you could fly the Stars and Stripes at the top of the pole with the provincial flag of Ontario beneath it. The state or provincial flag should be close to the national flag in each case, but not touching it. Their size could be the same as the national flag or smaller, but not larger.

Flags of Canada and Ohio.

Q: For a film set in Austria during World War I, we need to know what its national flag was then.

A: The flag used on land showed the imperial colors, black and golden yellow. At sea privately owned vessels flew a flag joining the traditional red-white-red of Austria with the red-white-green of Hungary.

Flags of Austria used on Land.

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